What if …

Writing Challenge – Day 11

What if I’d gone to law school ?
What if I’d taken that job in Paris, instead of that job in Clermont de l’Oise ?
What if I’d dated Mr Right, instead of Mr Always Right ?
What if I’d upped and gone to the US, rather than stayed in Compiègne ?
What if I’d stuck to my decision not to have children ?
What if I’d decided to just get a regular job, be an employee ?
What if I’d decided to remain married, come what may ?
What if I’d not be brought up to do my duty ?
What if I’d be born in a « normal » family ?
What if I’d be born in a family with just one language ?
What if I’d be born in a country at war ?
What if I’d be raised to believe that I couldn’t do whatever I set my mind to ?
What if I’d be born a man ? (that one’s easy – I’d be pissing standing constantly and on everything)
What if I were capable of just giving up when faced with adversity ?
What if I chose my men better ?
What if I’d not decided to fly by the seat of my pants and buy that house when I did ?
What if I’d be born at a time when women were not allowed to vote or get a job ?
What if I didn’t like reading ? Would I be someone else ?
What if I’d been a single child ? An orphan ?
What if I weren’t surrounded by wonderful people ?
What if I’d been born blind and deaf, like Helen Keller ?

So much of who I am I shaped by completely random events, it’s sometimes frightening to think that life could have been completely different for me. Don’t misunderstand my words though, I firmly believe that I am in charge of my own destiny, and that my life is what I chose it to be. I am not passive, or a spectator of my own life, far from it. But would I be that person, would I believe this, if I had been born, say, a black female child in Tennessee one hundred years ago? Would I be as resilient, if I didn’t feel that my family will always be here for me, even when I/they die ? Does one feel so strong if one doesn’t have such strong foundations ? I was given some random cards, and then I decided what to do with them. But I was lucky that those cards were the ones they were, and didn’t set me in very adverse circonstances to start with.
Count your blessings, they say.
I do, every day ….


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